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May 2012 at the Kalamazoo conferenceMy given name is Tasha Dandelion Kelly. (Yes, Dandelion!) I live in the US, in Illinois with my son and my husband, though I hail originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I discovered the joy of reverse-engineering medieval clothing in 1998. In some form or another, this passion has persisted and continues to exist digitally as La cotte simple. I started the site in 2003, putting my experience as a technical writer to work for my creative passion.

Cross-dressing as a man from 1380 wearing my peacock befeathered beak hatIn 2010 I applied for the Janet Arnold Award, which provides funds to independent scholars for hands-on research of extant historical garments. I contacted the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Chartres, France and received permission to take the pourpoint of Charles VI off its mannequin to record its cut and construction. I undertook this study on July 1, 2011 and with the resulting data, wrote a paper (published in Waffen- und Kostümkunde in the 2013/2 edition) and recreated the garment.

1380s huntress wearing a peacock-befeathered beak hatIn the fall of 2012, I decided to overhaul this site and add a blog as well as other new pages to make it more of an active stop for like-minded students of historical clothing. Nothing quite scratches all my creative and intellectual itches like the study of medieval fashion history. I have never followed the crowd when choosing my interests, and I take special pleasure in leading others into new avenues of inquiry through my writings, diagrams, and photos. I love to hear from readers, so feel free to drop me a line by email or through my Facebook page.

My CV is available upon request for serious inquiries concerning guest speaking/teaching.


  1. Chris Callahan says

    Could you please do a tutorial, similar to the Charles de Blois tutorial,on the Moy gown? Thank you!

    • Tasha Kelly says

      Hi Chris, I wish I could, but I don’t know enough about that dress to attempt it. Maybe some day!

  2. Thanks anyway.

  3. Hey do you do custom orders

  4. Kellie Sheehan says

    I’m so happy to have found your website! Such wonderful information here.


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