Anatomy of my bodice pattern for 14th century bust support

Tasha, August 2012

I’m going to break down the tailoring details of how I typically attain 14thc century bust support, and more specifically, the kind that looks right for the last two decades of that century in Western Europe. Please note, though I talk about a specific method in this post, I happen to also like other methods […]

The Fitted Dress Neckline: Devil in the Details

Le Rem├Ęde de Fortune, Guillaume de Machaut, 1350, French, BNF Ms. Fr. 1586 f.23

While I have consistently indulged in a relatively deep scoop neckline for my 14th century-style fitted dresses, I have done so in a willful departure from what the art of the time actually reveals. In fact, I have come across precious few images of fitted dresses with generously wide shoulder seams that also dip low […]

New tutorial lite: Making a dress from your bust-supportive bodice pattern

Body pattern pieces

For my recent workshops in California, I produced a couple of hand-outs for attendees. Tonight I webbed one of them, a sort of fast-and-rough guide to making a dress from a bust-supportive bodice pattern. While far from comprehensive, it does contain a fair bit of useful information, especially for the advanced beginner who is comfortable […]