Drafting a grande assiette-style upper sleeve from measurements

The grande assiette is not a simple tailoring design. While its complexity is covered elsewhere on this site, here I want to share with you the lovely way that basic math can help you draft just about any complex 3-D shape from fabric pieces including the highly-pieced upper sleeve of the pourpoint of Charles de Blois. The link below opens a Microsoft Word document (.docx format) containing a 2-page worksheet showing you how to draft a customized grande assiette sleeve. I recommend you print it out for reference and for recording your measurements.

You will need to take 5 basic measurements and from those, derive 4 more. Then you will need to draw out the shapes according to the diagrams provided, using the measurements. When finished, you should have a reasonably well-fitting pattern for the upper sleeve. This is the hardest part of the whole garment, so if you can do some basic measurements, math, and drawing with straight edges and a compass (or my favorite, a pencil on a string), you can do this. Or, you can say “screw that!” and buy my pattern instead.

Grande Assiette Drafting Worksheet, or: Drafting a sleeve with your good friend, Math!


  1. I purchased your pattern a few months ago (and am very happy with it!) but I am grateful to have the tutorial as well! Thank you so much for sharing your work!

  2. Hi My computer says the file is corrupted. Is there anyway I could get it i a pdf instead?

    • Tasha Kelly says:

      I will PDF this Word document and make it available. I’m able to open it in Word 2007 without a problem though. Sorry you are having trouble.

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