Late Medieval Fashion Redressed

Embroidery on medieval clothing and accessories

In February 2019 I traveled to Dearborn, Michigan where I shared a slide presentation on medieval embroidery for clothing and accessories. This was the yearly chapter meeting for La Compagnia della Rose nel Sole, a re-enactment company portraying English, French, and Italian mercenaries in Italy in the late 14th century. We get together in February every year to share research and instruction intended to inspire and spur Compagnia members in their knowledge and craft.

I’ve webbed those slides and provided some additional commentary in a new article on my site. Since I had not yet come across a summary article that focuses specifically on medieval embroidery as applied to clothing and accessories in the late 14th and early 15th centuries, my aim was to provide the starting point for people interested in that topic. There are, naturally, many details which could be expounded far more thoroughly. I invite you to read my offering and dive in further from there.

Read more here: Embroidery on medieval clothing and accessories

Italian late 14thc sleeve fragment in the Victoria and Albert Museum
Did you know about this sleeve fragment? I didn’t until I saw it in a wonderful book called Merchants, Princes, and Painters, by Lisa Monnas. It’s in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s ex-Forrer collection.

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