Late Medieval Fashion Redressed

Welcome to the new La cotte simple!

I’ve finally ventured into the world of WordPress. This wondrous authoring tool has allowed me to bring the look and functionality of La cotte simple into the 2010s. I hope you like its new appearance as much as I do. I’m excited to be unveiling the revamped site because not only do I believe it looks a million times better than the old one, but I’m also adding new features. What new features, you ask? I’m happy to tell you.

  • First and most importantly, all my existing content is still here, though organized a little differently. I now have buttons at the top of each page for “Tutorials” and “Articles” which is where you’ll find my old content, relatively unchanged.
  • In addition, I’m finally writing a blog. My intention is to post regularly on researching and  recreation of medieval clothing and accessories.
  • Since I’ve been posting pictures on the site’s FaceBook page for a while, I’ve decided to add an “Images” section where you can access my various galleries of photos and diagrams.
  • My new Recommendations pages are where I review books and products I think other late medieval tailors and students of late medieval material culture would benefit from owning and using.
  • The Resources page provides lists of useful sites. The links are organized by type of content: research-related sites, blogs, merchants, living history groups, etc.
  • The last button provides a Site Map, which lists every page available on the site. It’s just another way to navigate around.
  • Most pages and blog posts will have sharing options for FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr, as well as the abilities to print pages/posts or email notifications about pages/posts to a friend.
  • You can subscribe to the La cotte simple blog by entering your email address in the Subscribe box in the upper-right corner of the Blog page.
  • Most pages and all blog posts will allow commenting. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  • There is now search feature. Use this to search for content by key words.

There is one big glitch in this overhaul, however. Due to switching to a WordPress-based site, all the URLs for existing content have changed. This means any deep links beyond the home page,, will be broken. In anticipation of this, I have created redirect pages. Nonetheless, if this affects you, please update your links.

Happy browsing!

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