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Change to Bay Area Plans

It appears more folks are interested in workshops/hands-on learning than in the lectures, so the offerings for the event at Santa Clara University on Saturday, April 13th is changed as follows:

I will be presenting the Charles VI research, including my reproduction, as planned, followed by a grande assiette sleeve workshop. This will occur in lieu of the other two lectures originally planned, on the topics of women’s bust support and the 15th century farsetti. If interested in attending or if you need to contact the folks handling registration, please visit the FaceBook page.

Grande assiette diagram
Grande assiette diagram

For the sleeve workshop, there will be some slide-assisted discussion followed by demonstrations and individual practice. I’ll show you how the sleeve can be draped, how it can be put together from a paper pattern (the one I sell), and how to adjust for fit, etc. Bring your own versions and/or questions/problems to discuss and get solved!

The women’s fitting workshop will still be on Sunday, as planned, and it will take place in the morning, starting at 10AM sharp. (Details on location to follow for those who are registered.) I’ve expanded it to allow six more attendees, so please spread the word, if you have a friend who would have liked to attend but missed the initial sign-up. Make sure you have the following items you will need to bring with you to participate:

  • 2 yards of linen (medium weight — 5.3 oz works well)

  • A large number of quilting pins (long pins with balls on one end)

  • A pen (make sure it will mark the linen and be visible)

  • Fabric shears

  • Needle and thread

  • Pen/pencil and paper for taking notes

  • A measuring tape

I look forward to seeing people there!


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