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The Charles VI pourpoint paper is available for order!

At long last, I have information for ordering a copy of the journal containing my paper on the cut and construction of the pourpoint attributed to Charles VI of France, which currently resides in the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Chartres, France. The paper, which takes up 28 pages of the 2/2013 edition of the journal Waffen- und Kostümkunde, contains color photos never before seen, detailed diagrams and descriptions of the techniques used, along with measurements of the original, the pattern shapes, and quilting pattern.

Sample page from my paper on the pourpoint of Charles VI
Sample page from my paper on the pourpoint of Charles VI

If you are a student of historical clothing and particularly of 14th century European clothing, this is a must-have for your library. This research is brand-new and will expand your understanding of how a particular style of padded, quilted garment was made in 14th century France.

To order a copy, send email to:, which is the email for contacting the publisher/distributor. (It may be written in English.)

Request the 2/2013 edition of Waffen- und Kostümkunde.

Provide your credit card number, expiration date, the security code (the three digit code on the back of your card), and the name as it appears on the card. If you are concerned about sending such sensitive information through email, you can always split the information up over a series of emails. Beyond that, I believe you will have to trust the integrity of the publisher/distributor.

That said, I have also sent an email myself, asking about any other ways to order, though I don’t believe Germany accepts international money orders. Options begin to get complicated after that. I await a response and will post here with anything more that I learn.

The cost is €17.80 per copy, with €4.20 for shipping one copy. I don’t know how much shipping will be if you order more than one at a time, but a helpful person named Silke Rüger will likely be the person who sees your email and she speaks/writes English. She can answer such questions.

When they charge your card, the cost will be automatically converted to your home currency. Right now the conversion rate makes the journal cost approximately $23.07 a copy in American dollars, and shipping is $5.44. Fortunately, the American dollar appears to be stronger than it has been the last few years against the Euro ($1.30 per one Euro).

Happy reading! Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions, comments, etc.

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